Test your emblem IQ, turbo edition

We rummaged through our emblem collection and pulled out a couple of diesel pieces – can you name what make and model the following emblems come from? There are several right answers for some of them.

Have fun, and thanks for playing!













22 thoughts on “Test your emblem IQ, turbo edition

    • Hey,

      This is unrelated to the steel wheel: Do you know of any good junkyards in the Frankfurt area? I’ll be in Frankfurt next month for work and I’d like to check out a yard on my afternoon off.

      Also, do junkyards in Germany let you in the lot?


  1. let’s see, it’s a tough one:
    1.- Porsche
    2.- Saab
    3.- Toyota (not actually sure)
    4.- Mercedes – Benz
    5.- ?
    6.- Peugeot

      • In that case 1. must be a VW Touran (pretty misleading emblem, to tell the truth)
        2.- Chevrolet (actually a wild guess)
        5.- Looks like the typography on some 1980s Chryslers or Jeeps, but I’m clueless.

  2. 1. Porsche (911, 944, 924)
    2. SAAB (pre-GM 900)
    3. Volvo (850 series)
    4. Mercedes-Benz (W-123, etc)
    5. Volvo (240 series, pre-1986 re-fresh)

  3. Shouldn’t the Mercedes be TURBODIESEL? Or did M-B just stick the turbo badge in from of the diesel one, rather than make on long badge?

  4. 1. Vauxhall Astra 00’s?
    2. Saab 80’s?
    3. Volvo 90’s?
    4. Mercedes Benz 90’s?
    5. Volvo 80’s?
    6. Peugeot 80’s?

  5. 1) Volkswagen (beetle)
    2) SAAB (900)
    3) Volvo (850)
    4) Mercedes ( various diesels)
    5) Volvo (240)
    6) Peugeot (505)

  6. 1) New Beetle 1.8T
    2) Saab C900 Turbo
    3) Volvo 850 Turbo
    4) 80’s Mercedes Benz turbodiesel
    5 and 6, no idea! 5 looks like 80’s Ferrari font.

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