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Ran when chained: BMW Isetta 300

bmw-isetta-300-7We regularly find cars abandoned in fields or hidden away in barns, but this BMW Isetta 300 is the only vehicle we’ve ever seen chained to a porch. The business it’s at is a small grocery store in Utah that sells an intriguing mix of local products, specialty and gourmet foods imported from around the globe and, curiously, a vast array of hot sauce.

The employees on the clock were not able to tell us how or why a German bubble car ended up chained to their front porch but close look reveals that it’s been there for years. We didn’t find any registration stickers that might indicate when it was last on the road.

An original U.S.-spec model, the car is relatively complete and holds the honor of being the only Isetta we’ve ever seen in Utah. It started its life red, and the numerous paint chips and dents indicate that it was well worn before taking its retirement. Sitting outside of a busy grocery store has not helped its condition and folks playing with it have left scratches and broken the lone door handle.

The Isetta is rust free and the 300cc mono-cylinder engine doesn’t appear to be dismantled so it’s not far-fetched to say this car could be fixed up and driven as-is with a minimal amount of work.

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