1960s / American / International Harvester / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: International Harvester Scout 800

international-scout-800-junked-1This mid-1960s International Scout 800 is sitting in what was once the largest open-air junkyard on the west side of the Mississippi River. Over the years, the yard has become smaller and smaller but it has retained a focus on obscure American cars made by companies that haven’t existed in many moons.

One of many Scouts in the yard, the example pictured below has given every part of its drivetrain, interior and even some of its body (!) to keep other Scouts on the road, marking an interesting contrast to the very well-preserved 1966 example that we showcased a few days ago.

It is ending its life far from the cacophony of big cities in a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains and other junked classics, a field where time appears to have stopped in the 1970s.

Stay tuned, we’ll feature more from this yard in the coming weeks.

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