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Rust in peace: 1971 Saab 96 V4

saab-96-2We absolutely love self-service junkyards but we have been annoyed with the “I’m sorry sir, we don’t allow cameras” that we routinely get at the door. Against all odds, a few days ago we were let loose in a self-service yard in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a basic tool kit and our Nikon camera – a dream come true!

Being a generic self-service yard, there were a lot of Japanese and American cars, trucks and SUVs from the middle of the 1990s but we were pleased – and a little surprised – to find a 1971 Saab 96 V4 wedged between two 1970s Ford trucks mere yards from the entrance. This Saab has had a long, hard life and just about every single body panel shows a jaw-dropping amount of rust. The front bumper wears a Hill Air Force Base (south of Ogden, Utah) parking sticker that dates from 1988, which leads us to believe that the car was taken off the road at about that time.

In spite of its rough shape, it is still usable as a parts car and the only missing bits are the grille, one of the headlights, the rear window, the air cleaner and the tail lamp lenses. The V4 emblem was gone when we found the car, but we pocketed the Saab emblem on the trunk lid to add it to our own collection.

The other interesting car we found at the yard was a 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold which we will feature tomorrow, stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Rust in peace: 1971 Saab 96 V4

    • Unfortunately, if they’re anything like the U-Smash-Its here in SoCal, unless the car is worth a good amount to begin with that becomes very expensive rapidly. The pricing as I got it was 100.00/car to move cars out of the row (including yours), plus whatever they deemed the value to be, which started at 500.00, no haggling, regardless of how stripped down or damaged the car was. So, we are now looking at a bare bones minimum of 600.00 plus tax, for a car they paid at best on their sunniest, most generous day ever 50.00 for.

      Sorry, but that car is staying put. A lucky 95/96 V4 owner can strip it in situ for a couple hundred worth of usable parts.

  1. hard to find decent 96/V4 parts any more, especially trannys. Kinda like it’s younger brother.

    The last time I went to the scrap yard in my locale (Raleigh, NC) I saw a couple of interesting cars: some old Jag XJ6’s, an E32 740i, a few Acura Legends, but the coolest was the Audi 5000S Avant 5-speed: had just over 100k, 10v non-turbo, FWD, straight body, made me very sad.

    as per “no cameras!” come on, use your cell phone then.

    • Oh yeah, I always take pictures with my cell phone but they’re so much nicer when I can take the SLR in.

      Audi 5000 S sounds great, I’ve always liked those.

      • I have a little Kodak digital that isn’t much bigger than a pack of cigarettes and has enough features to be useful for that sort of duty. Fits easily into any pocket. As I recall, it wasn’t all that expensive, either- with a docking station and some other ancillaries, about $120.00.

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  4. Hey guys I actually have this same car and I’m in the need of some parts would love to buy the head and tail lights please anyone send me information about this junk yard so that I might contact them

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