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Car lot find: Peugeot 203 Commerciale

peugeot-203-commerciale-4We stumbled upon this Peugeot 203 Commerciale hidden behind half a dozen Volkswagen Vanagons / Transporters on the side of a local repair shop.  Tax stickers on the windshield indicate that it was last on the road in 1985, a little over a year after its current registration number was issued.

Peugeot offered two types of 203 wagons during most of the 1950s, the Commerciale (aimed at small business owners and tradesmen) and the Familiale (designed for large families). The lack of decorative trim on the side and the rear leaf springs indicate that this is a Commerciale model. It is also recognizable thanks to a specific interior layout that enables the front passenger seat to fold down in order to carry lengthy items.

The car’s exact build date is hard to pinpoint but it was assembled before 1957 because it has semaphores on the C-pillars (the orange turn signal that sticks out from the grille is not original). The car doesn’t have the lion head hood ornament that 203s built up until 1958 had because the small piece of trim on the hood was likely swapped out after getting stolen one too many times

The car is complete inside and out it is remarkably rust free but unfortunately, a reckless mason sprayed the car with stucco when working on a nearby wall. How cleanly it comes off is hit or miss – it can leave no marks or it can take some of the paint with it.

We’re not sure what the owner has in store for this 203 but it’s living proof that finding an all-original, unmolested 60-year old car is possible with enough patience and determination.


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