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Driven daily: Renault 5 GTL Lauréate

renault-5-gtl-laureate-1We photographed this Renault 5 GTL Lauréate behind a busy industrial zone. First-gen Renaut 5s are few and far between, but the Lauréate model is particularly noteworthy because it was only offered in 1984 to mark the car’s final year on the market

Billed as an entry-level alternative to the then-new Super 5, the 5 Lauréate was packed full to the brim with standard equipment including so-called petal seats, a center console with a slot for the radio, a heated rear windscreen and a digital clock. Outside, the cars were recognizable thanks to edition-specific decals on the C-pillars, the hatch and the hood. All Lauréate models featured a body-colored upper grille and came with 13-inch Fergat-style steel wheels.

Well-equipped, the GTL Lauréate cost 46,500 francs in November of 1984, about 2,000 more than a Spartan, base-model Super 5 L. For folks who were willing to overlook the 5’s aging design in exchange for creature comforts, the Lauréate was an unbeatable deal.

This particular example has visibly spent a long time in the sun most of the Lauréate-specific decals have flaked away, though both front fenders have either been replaced or recently repainted. The plates were issued in 1985, meaning it was either a company car or it took a while to sell. Either way, this is one of the very last 5s ever built.


6 thoughts on “Driven daily: Renault 5 GTL Lauréate

  1. ’84 was the last year on the French market? Apparently they were still produced, or at least available in other parts of the world, like Canada through ’86 anyways (and I would guess Spain for longer?) We never got the SuperCinq in the US, but Marvin McFalls has acquired a lovely , burgundy colored, low spec 1.1 (RN?) that he showed at Carlisle and we all went ape over it!

  2. This is MY car. And for your information it’s a 1985 edition !!! i have more recents photos (front repared) if you want and some past photos when it was in better state…

  3. You took this photos after an accident (was arrived in march 2013) when my car was not totally repaired! AND this is Not ”gaudy imitation chrome trim”, it is customisation and because i’m young and not rich, i don’t have a garage already. That’s why my car is in this actual state. i have for project to repaint it all in a near future, but mechanic is my priority now, so thank you not to judge a car only on its appearance… And i think i’m very nice to be polite about that.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the correction on the year.

      We’re not criticizing your 5, we love cars that have been preserved and that have patina, that’s what we’re about. The Laureate is a fairly rare version of the 5 and I was surprised enough to see one that I turned around to photograph it.

      It’s a great piece of Renault history, good luck with the restoration. Feel free to send us some pics when it’s done.

      Alternatively, if you don’t want the photos up on Ran When Parked let me know and I’ll pull the article ASAP.

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