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Driven daily: Nissan Sunny B110

nissan-sunny-b110-1We photographed this 1970s Nissan Sunny B110 on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, last weekend. It was a surprising sight for two reasons: Number one, it is probably the first and only B110 that we’ve ever seen in the flesh. Number two, this Corolla-fighting four-door sedan clearly shows the adverse effects that the humid Thai climate can have on cars.

The car’s rough shape is partially attributed to the shoddy bodywork that has been done to it over the years – look at the area around the right side tail lamps, for instance. However, the paint is falling off in large chunks from panels that don’t appear to have undergone major work like the trunk lid and both C-pillars. During our short trip, we noticed that this issue is common on worn, older cars, even ones that appear to have lived an easier life than this Sunny.

While we’re certainly not Datsun experts, we’re willing to wager that the gold paint is an aftermarket job and that the car did not leave the factory that way. The Toyota mudflaps, the crooked headlights and the painted bumpers seemingly indicate that the Sunny has been dismantled and rebuilt on more than one occasion, but it is wearing current registration stickers so it is still faithfully serving as someone’s main form of transportation.

Either the Thai safety inspection process is not very stringent, or this Sunny is in much better shape than its tattered, rat rod-like body might suggest.

Note: You can access a wallpaper-sized image by clicking here.

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