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Driven daily: Citroën 2CV4

citroen-2cv4-2We photographed this Citroën 2CV4 in a small town on a rainy Saturday morning.  We’ve seen it driving around the area before, but we never managed to get up close to it until last week.

Finished in Orange Ténéré (color code AC 329), this car is interesting in several aspects.  For starters, the license plate indicates that it is a 1975 model but the hood and lights were pulled off of a 2CV built between 1961 and 1964.  It’s not the other way around (an early 60s shell fitted with a 2CV4 drivetrain) because a majority of the 2CVs built between those years had suicide doors up front, skinny tail lamps and no third side window.

The modifications could be the result of minor wreck damage that was dubiously repaired, but they could also indicate the owner’s personal preference.  Being a 1975, the car should have the controversial square headlights that were phased out in the late 1970s.

The second noteworthy modification is that the car is fitted with a removable hard top.  Built by an aftermarket company, the top appears to be made out of three different pieces, mimicking the way a 2CV’s soft top opens.  We don’t know anything about its origins but it doesn’t look particularly recent and it is likely a period accessory.

Overall, this 2CV shows a nice patina but it has had body work done and a new passenger-side fender fitted in the not-too-distant past, leading us to believe that it might be a drivable project.

6 thoughts on “Driven daily: Citroën 2CV4

      • Ah oui si c’est déjà une AM1975 elle devrait avoir les feux carrés. Dans ce cas le capot est bon mais pas la calandre. Par contre si avant AM1975, elle aurait les bons feux mais pas le bon capot ni calandre (il n’y a pas les trous pour les chevrons dans le capot). Le pare-chocs avant est aussi un modèle pré AM1975… Il faudrait pouvoir regarder le tampon sur le tablier pour en dire plus 😉

      • J’ai répondu par erreur avec le mauvais compte. Mais c’était aussi moi Etienne.. 😉

      • Pas de probleme.

        Oui, la plaque (bloquee ici, mais je peux vous l’envoyer en prive) date de 1975, et je crois bien qu’elle est d’origine.

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