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Rust in peace: Renault 4 L

renault-4-l-1This Renault 4 is ending its days in the same ditch as the Renault 4 TL and the Renault 17 TS that we featured last week. It is barely visible from a nearby road, which is what led us to turn around, park the car and go hiking through the woods with a camera in hand.

Although badly mangled, the 4 is easily identifiable as a 1960s model because it is fitted with flat bumpers and a flip-up air vent below the windshield. We dug up the hood several yards away from the car and, as expected, it is a first-gen model with a small grille.

In French, the Renault 4 is affectionately nicknamed 4 L (or “quatrelle”), a reference to the model that most buyers opted for in the 1960s. A majority of the 4s cars that folks call 4 L are not actually a L but base, TL / Savanne or GTL / Clan models. The car pictured below features holes for two sunvisors, separate front seats and three side windows, clues that seemingly indicate we’re looking at a real 4 L.

Renault 4s are not worth much – yet! – but first-gen models like this one are getting increasingly hard to find. Most of them were scrapped during the first government-sponsored cash-for-clunker programs in the middle of the 1990s.

Like the 4 TL, the 17 TS and the dozen or so cars in the ditch, the 4 L has been stripped of all registration numbers, VIN numbers and ID plates that could help identify it.

Stay tuned, we’ll feature the only non-French car in the ditch in the coming days.

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