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Driven daily: Renault 6 TL

renault-6-tl-bleu-clair-1We’ve featured a Renault 6 in our “driven daily” series before, but this all-original 1974 example stands out from the rest partly because it is finished in a relatively uncommon shade of blue called Bleu Clair (paint code 410). The color was also offered on the 4 and the 5, among others, and Renault has recently re-introduced a very similar shade called Bleu Bermude to its catalog of new cars.

Still in the hands of the original owner, the 6 pictured below is a frequent sight around the village in which it lives. The odometer has gone all the way around several times so the exact mileage is not known but the owner told us that it has at least 300,000 kilometers (186,000 miles) as it has been driven almost every single day since new. The tradeoff to that is that it has parked in a garage just about every night and, save for some minor rust on the front fenders and dents on both bumpers, the car looks great and the paint still shines.

The 6 is wearing its original registration number and the 13-inch steelies are adorned the same four hubcaps that were put on when it left the factory.

In spite of its age and relatively high mileage, the 1108cc four-cylinder mill runs like a champ and the owner chooses the 6 over his undeniably more modern Peugeot 309 to run short errands around the village. However, he laments that finding 6-specific parts like lights and bumpers is getting to be very difficult as new reproductions are hard to come by and most junkyards ran out of 6s a decade ago.

2 thoughts on “Driven daily: Renault 6 TL

  1. are the front fenders bolt on/easy to replace or are they part of the unibody? just wondering how easy it would be to fix the rust. thanks

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