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Is the Peugeot 205 a future classic?

The Peugeot 205 turned 30-years old late last month. In spite of its age, it looks considerably fresher than most of its period competitors and it is still a common sight on European roads today.

Produced virtually unchanged for 15 years, the 205 was by far Peugeot’s most popular model in the 1980s and 1990s.  It single-handedly gave the automaker a much-needed image boost and it blazed the path followed by most Peugeot models launched over the following decade.

Like a true people’s car, the 205 holds an important spot in automotive culture. Most Europeans alive during or shortly after the 205’s production run have owned one, driven one or at the very least ridden in one.

205s are by no means rare (government records indicate that about 241,000 units are currently registered in France) but early models with orange turn signals are becoming harder and harder to find because, with the exception of the range-topping GTI and CTI models, most are simply driven into the ground and junked.

We will publish an article over the coming weeks that traces the 205’s history from the earliest days of the M24 project to the end of production in June of 1998. In the meantime, do you think that non-GTI/CTI 205s will be sought after in the collector car market? Cast your vote below.

10 thoughts on “Is the Peugeot 205 a future classic?

  1. So all old cars will become classics? Peugeot 205 lacks the charisma of an Renault 5, for instance.

  2. The Peugeot 205 is a marvellous, confortable and fun to drive car. All through the 80ies my parents had about 20 of these cars (my father worked at Peugeot) and so it symbolises my childhood years.
    In 2004 I bought a black 1986 XT-version with only 30000km on the clock in almost new condition. Although it’s not a GTI, it is quite fast with its 80hp. It is great fun to drive and the first generation of petrol engines produce a great and very specific sound!

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