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Junkyard queen: BMW 318i (E30)

bmw-318i-e30-2This well-kept BMW 318i is living the last few days of its life behind a pile of late-model SEAT sub-compacts and Opel hatchbacks in a local junkyard. It is not the only E30 in the yard, but it is the only one that doesn’t appear to have been gradually driven into the ground over the last 20 years.

The 318i’s current plates were issued a couple of years ago but the original registration number is etched into all four windows and reveals the car was first registered in 1985. A sticker on the trunk indicates that it was sold new at a local BMW dealer that was located just 10 minutes away from the junkyard. It is no longer in business today.

The odometer reads 62,000 kilometers, which converts to roughly 38,000 miles. While that seems unusually low for a car that is nearly 30-years old, we believe it is accurate because the body is remarkably clean and the interior is like new – there are no scratches or dings in the paint, no wear on the shift knob and no tears on the seats.

It’s a shame, had it not been hit in the front this could easily be one of the cleanest four-cylinder-powered E30s in the area.

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