1960s / 2013 Geneva Motor Show / Amphicar / German

Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Amphicar 770

geneva-amphicar-770-4In addition to a 1943 Volkswagen Typ 166, the Swiss Museum of Transport is displaying a 1969 Amphicar 770 on its stand at the 83rd annual Geneva Motor Show.

Hailed as the first – and one of the only – regular-production amphibious vehicle sold to the public, Germany’s Amphicar was aimed primarily at wealthy customers in the United States. It was powered by a Triumph-sourced 1,147cc four-cylinder engine that made 38 horsepower, enough to send it to a top speed of about 70 mph (110 km/h) on land and 7 knots (about 8 mph / 12 km/h) on water.

The half boat, half car concept failed to catch on and company executives realized that the Amphicar would not be able to meet its sales target shortly after it was launched in 1961. Production stopped in 1965 but some Amphicars (like the one pictured below) were sold new several years later and consequently titled after their build date.

When all is said and done, almost 4,000 examples of the car were sold in the United States and in Europe.

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