1960s / 2013 Geneva Motor Show / German / Porsche

Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Porsche 901

geneva-porsche-901-1The iconic Porsche 911 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year but there is no evidence of that on the Porsche stand in Geneva. Thankfully, well-known tuner RUF has is showing off this early 901 finished in a striking shade of blue.

The 911 was dubbed 901 when it was presented to the public at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. Porsche started production in the fall of 1964, but when the Paris Motor Show rolled around in October of that year Peugeot claimed that it owned the rights to any three-digit combination that had a zero in the middle. Porsche saw no use in debating the matter and simply renamed the car 911.

Sources indicate that Porsche held on to all of the 901s and that none were sold to customers. Whether or not that is true is a point of debate among automotive historians, but today some have made their way into private collections. The one pictured here belongs to Alois Ruf, the son of the firm’s founder, and it is number 37 of approximately 82 901s built.

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