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Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Mitsubishi Celeste

There are not two way to say this: The Mitsubishi stand at the Geneva Motor Show is a little bland. It isn’t as uneventful as the forlorn Lancia stand, but the biggest highlights are two concept cars that are vaguely billed as a sign of things to come for the Japanese brand. The first is a diesel-electric pickup truck and the second is an electric city car that will replace the golf cart-like i-MiEV.

However, parked in a dark corner of the Mitsubishi stand is this late 1977 Celeste that shows just 91,000 kilometers (56,000 miles) on the clock. The car is in very good shape; it has visibly been used regularly at one point or another in its life so it doesn’t look brand new but it can certainly pass as a five-year old used car.

Introduced in 1975 as sportier alternative to the Lancer, the Celeste was also sold as a Chrysler in Australia, a Plymouth in the United States and a Dodge in Canada. Very few examples left on European roads so this is one of the most interesting old cars on display in Geneva. Its precise origins are unknown, but the license plates on both ends suggest that it belongs to Mitsubishi’s Swiss importer.

3 thoughts on “Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Mitsubishi Celeste

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  2. Hi, I have this 1977 Mitsubishi Celeste GRS 2000, same brown/gold color. I need to find a new carburator for my car. Can someone help me to find one please?

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