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Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

abandoned-volkswagen-beetle-5We spotted these two late-1960s / early-1970s Volkswagen Beetles while driving through western Colorado several years ago.  Both cars were behind barbed wire but the building they were next to looked utterly abandoned so we saw no harm in approaching them to snap a couple of photographs.

The blue car looked like a convertible when we saw it from the street but a closer inspection revealed that it was just a regular Beetle with its top chopped off.  It had evidently been dealt a difficult hand in life and it was also stripped of most of its useful parts and cut in half.

The white car was more complete and it appeared to have had some body work done to it in the past, indicating that it might have been a restoration project before being parked in a field.  If that is the case, the chopped up blue one might have been used as a parts car.

There were plenty of Volkswagen parts stacked on the side of the building but we did not manage to figure out whether the place is an old junkyard, a repair shop or something entirely different.

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