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Ran When Parked visits Sicily

fiat-bravaRan When Parked had the opportunity to make two trips to Sicily back in 2008.  Thanks to good friends and distant relatives, we were able to spend much of our time there either working on cars or roaming around the island in our trusty 1997 Fiat Brava with a camera in hand.

The automotive landscape in Sicily is unique in the world.  Vintage cars, vans, scooters and three-wheelers – most of them Italian – are used as a regular form of transportation and they are generally remarkably well preserved.  Furthermore, junkyards seem to be scarce outside of big cities like Palermo so old cars often end their lives behind repair shops, in parking lots or quite simply in a ditch.

Below is a gallery of photographs that we took in Sicily and on a small island called Vulcano (part of the Eolian Island chain) in early 2008. Although they are almost five years old, most of these pictures have never been published before.

A quick note: The photo of the smart fortwo is admittedly a little off topic, but we found it interesting that most first-gen models we came across wore “Mercedes-Benz Technology” stickers above the gas cap. We have never seen this sticker in mainland Italy or elsewhere in Europe.

7 thoughts on “Ran When Parked visits Sicily

    • I have no idea how it got there, I also saw a ZAZ 968 (not pictured). Maybe Sicilians were more open to Russian cars than folks in mainland Europe? The only other place where I’ve seen a UAZ is China.

      The UAZ was right by Etna, I’m surprised it hasn’t been burned by lava yet. I’m pretty sure it was legitimately abandoned and not merely parked there.

  1. Is that a roof-rack-mounted chicken coop on the 127? Does that make it a chicken coupe?

    I wonder how the owner of the hard-working Ercole would react if they knew what it would sell for at auction in the USA…

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