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Rust in peace: Opel Kadett B

opel-kadett-b-2We photographed this second-generation Opel Kadett on the side of a back road that we take on a daily basis. Up until last weekend, it was hidden behind a thick layer of wild brush and partially buried in the ground but it was recently towed out, indicating that it will undoubtedly be scrapped in the near future.

What is fascinating about this two-door Kadett is that its registration number was issued in the neighboring Gard department (number 30) of France roughly 20 years ago – it hasn’t been abandoned for as long as the pictures might suggest.

The car’s windshield is long gone so we were not able to track down precisely when it was last registered or insured, and since the license plate number is not original it is hard to pin down precisely when this Kadett was driven off the Bochum, Germany, assembly line.

The numerous stickers on the trunk lid are a sign that the Opel likely belonged to a younger driver when it was parked.  It is complete so it probably ran (or was close to running) but the metal wire that is holding on the exhaust pipe betrays that it was starting to get rough around the edges in its later years.  Overall, it looks like this poor Kadett was quite literally driven into the ground.

Update: As predicted, the Kadett disappeared a couple of days after we published this article.

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