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Is the Peugeot 306 a future classic?

peugeot-306-8The Peugeot 306 will celebrate its 20th birthday next year. Developed as a successor to the unloved 309 (née Talbot Arizona), the 306 is often remembered as one of the most reliable Peugeots to come out of the 1990s.

When new, the 306 was popular among police officers as a patrol car. Thieves liked it, too and throughout the 1990s and early 2000s it routinely earned the honor of being the most stolen car in France. Today, this illustrious title belongs to the first-generation Renault Twingo.

During its nine-year long production run, the 306 was offered with a full range of gasoline- and diesel-burning four-cylinder engines that ranged from an anemic 59-horsepower 1.1-liter to a potent 16-valve 2.0-liter that made up to 165 ponies in GTi-6 tune.

The car’s diversity extended far beyond its engine bay. It was offered in a wide variety of body styles that consisted of three- and five-door hatchbacks, a roomy station wagon, a rather bland four-door sedan and a sleek convertible that was designed and built by Pininfarina. Peugeot did a good job of regularly redesigning the car so late-model examples don’t look as ancient as many other vehicles designed in the early 1990s.

The last 306 rolled off the assembly line over ten years ago but well-sorted examples can still command several thousand euros even if they are not loaded with options. Will values remain strong over the next decade as early models knock on the door of the collector car market, or will the 306 follow the example set by its predecessors and fly under most buyers’ radars?

7 thoughts on “Is the Peugeot 306 a future classic?

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  3. I have now had 2 of these 306 cabriolets, my mother has also had one in recent years ( loved it and bought one myself).
    I have had a 1.8s and now have a 2.0 se despite people saying the 1.8 is slow etc dont believe it! The 1.8 is better on fuel and still gives a hefty punch when you want it to!
    Parts are becoming a little hard to obtain now, going to peugeot or citroen main dealers for a part results in a waiting or be told you simply cant get it anymore ( so its on its way to classic car status already! ) ive had a fair few classics myself before going to the cabby thats all i ran everyday.
    its great to drive, with good tyres they handle like they are on rails! ( you’ll leave passengers hanging on!)
    the bodyshape i have found is quite similar to the ferrari mondial and also the rear side shot of the ferrari 455. Afterall…. it was designed by pininfarina!

    Its a 4 seater cabriolet, with frugal yet punchy engine ranges, looks great and reliable too! A great owners club backing 306cab.com with owners from all over the world, it will surely make the daily usable classic that as times continues will only grow in appreciation!


  4. It’s a future classic. The top spec saloons are amazingly comfortable and spacious. Check out the width of the rear arm-rest and the durable velour fabric. It might seem bland but all versions are professionally, subtly and rigourously detailed. It’s good, honest industrial design. I really admire its classy classlessness. What I mean is that it’s a car with good taste but is quiet about it. I’d be torn between an estate or a saloon. Both have their charms. I just need the small-provincial town French life to go with it.

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