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The 34th annual Epoqu’Auto vintage car show

The 34th annual Epoqu’Auto vintage car show took place last weekend outside of Lyon in the Rhône department of France. There are many smaller car shows and gatherings in the area but Epoqu’Auto is said to be the largest event of its kind by a long shot so, rain and wind be damned, we drove north for four hours to experience it for ourselves.

The indoor part of Epoqu’Auto was split up into two sections. The first was full of miscellaneous parts, model and book vendors, many of which came from Germany and Italy. In the second section, manufacturers and car clubs were invited to display vehicles from their collection. Mercedes-Benz had a breath-taking display which featured rarities such as the 1954 Blue Wonder Transporter and a C111/2 prototype from 1970. Other noteworthy cars included a stunning Volvo-powered Facel Vega Facel III, a near-perfect Volkswagen Type 2 and a large collection of Renaults.

As is typically the case with bigger shows, people who arrived in a vintage car were directed to a special parking lot where they could mingle with other enthusiasts. Wandering around the vintage lot is perhaps the most enjoyable part of events like this one and we saw some amazing machines. All manufacturers were fairly well represented but, unfortunately, we couldn’t help but notice that most Volkswagens there had undergone some pretty horrid modifications that would have been right at home at a tuning show.

Because Lyon is situated in a rather rural region of France, many cars that were driven to the show were entirely original and some even still wore period-correct dealer stickers. The highlights included an Audi Coupe S, a Rover Vitesse, a Honda Z Coupe and what is undoubtedly the cleanest Renault 14 left in the world.

Best in show is hard to pick but our vote goes to a blue early-1960s 2CV AZAM that broke down on arrival after being driven all the way from Italy.

You’ll find a gallery from the show below. As always, don’t hesitate to ask if you want the high-resolution version of particular image.

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