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Driven daily: Citroën 2CV 6 Spéciale

This late-1982 Citroën 2CV 6 Spéciale shows all of the telltale signs of a car that hasn’t moved in ages. Not only is it covered with a thick layer of dust, its under-inflated tires are dry rotted and it usually has a tree’s worth of miscellaneous papers tucked under its wipers.

Why does this car fit into our Driven daily series? Well, as odd as this might sound it actually moves on a regular basis. We drive past it daily on our way to work and every week or two it is parked in a different spot.

A local legend claims that this 2CV is the ghost of the train station’s parking lot. Story has it that it was ruthlessly stolen many moons ago, parted out and left for dead before unexpectedly rising from a pile of scrap metal and slowly returning to the scene of the crime. Today, it haunts would-be car thieves who roam the station’s parking lots in search of a stereo to sell or a car like theirs to pull a few parts off of. The ghost has been known to occasionally attack innocent people, however.

On a particularly cold night in December of 2006, one of the train station’s security guards signed out to investigate a loud metallic noise coming from one of the parking lots. A train station employee heard screams coming through her walkie-talkie so she headed towards where the noise came from and found the security guard unconscious in a pool of motor oil. A police report indicates that no more than a minute went by between the time the guard left his office and the time he was found on the ground.

The security guard was rushed to a local hospital and woke up several days later with absolutely no recollection of what had happened. Since there were no witnesses and no surveillance cameras, the incident was written off as a bizarre accident and the case was closed.

A week later, a 51-year old man named Joseph Martellini told the Gendarmerie that he was looking for a parking spot in the train station the night of the incident. He heard a loud metallic noise and briefly looked behind him to make sure that it wasn’t a car crash. Seeing nothing to worry about, he turned back around and was pleasantly surprised to find a parking spot about ten feet away from where he had stopped.

The surprise quickly turned to horror: Before the noise started, the spot was occupied by a white 2CV. Like most locals, Martellini knew the legend of the train station’s ghost so he switched off his headlights and sped home, missing his train and consequently an important job interview.

No one has seen the 2CV move since that night but it continues to wander around the parking lots. Several people who have gotten off a late train have reported hearing the distant whine of an air-cooled flat-twin in the wind.

Realistically, this 2CV probably belongs to a person who lives close to the train station and spends a majority of time away for work, only using the car to return home on special occasions.

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