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Driven daily: Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v

We came across this stunning Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v in the same parking lot as the Alfa Romeo 75 that we featured yesterday. There was not a shop or a show in sight so the two cars likely belong to the same lucky owner.

About a decade ago, Deltas hit rock bottom on the used car market and many of them wound up ravaged by the tuning crowd. The example pictured here is entirely stock with the exception of slightly bigger exhaust tips, a tasteful modification in our opinion. It is remarkably clean for its age but the tiny little chips in the paint and the numerous dead bugs on the headlights indicate that it is used as a regular driver.

Like the 75, the Delta wears the new French plates which make it impossible to decipher its history. The plates were issued in the last month so it is likely a new addition to the owner’s fleet.

We were pressed for time when we took the photos and did not manage to track down the owner but if we could give him or her a bit of advice it would be to keep the Delta in good shape for as long as possible. These cars are still relatively affordable today (clean non-Evo examples for less than €10,000 are not unheard of) but we’re convinced that they will shoot up in value over the next couple of years.

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