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Rust in peace: Ford Fiesta (mk1)

Every year before fall arrives, local governments dispatch teams to clear up wild brush in the countryside.  Billed as a way to prevent fires, this lengthy process considerably changes the landscape and sometimes reveals hidden surprises.

The annual clean-up enabled us to spot the remains of a small front-wheel drive car while running errands on a back road that we take literally every single day. At first we were not certain what exactly we were looking at but we walked down the trail and found the car’s mingled roof and rear section. A little bit of automotive archeology revealed that the decayed remains are of a first-generation Ford Fiesta.

Save for both tail lamps, the car is stripped of all interior, mechanical and body parts. Since this is a relatively quiet area we doubt the Fiesta was stolen and stashed away; instead, our best guess is that it was used for parts, cut up and dumped in a field on account that it was closer than the local scrapyard.


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