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Driven daily: Mercedes-Benz 240D

A short trip to Porto, Portugal, left us amazed with how many well-kept classics are roaming around the streets as regular drivers. From well-restored split-window Beetles to all-original yet like-new 1980s Pandas, Portugal’s second-largest city hides more than the delicious port wine that it is famous for.

One of the numerous w123s we encountered while there was a 240D finished in mimosengelb (mimosa yellow), one of the livelier and rarer colors that w123s were available in. It wears the usual battle scars that come with parking in a big and crowded city but Portugal’s hot climate has spared it from rust, w123s’ biggest enemy.

Save for a set of square headlights the car appears to be mostly original, right down to the period-correct pre-European Union license plate. The unpainted hubcaps are a sign that the original ones are long gone and that a replacement set could not be found.

The “w123 Clube Portugal” sticker that is neatly affixed to the right side of the trunk lid indicates that the car is owned by an enthusiast, which undoubtedly explains its above-average condition.

2 thoughts on “Driven daily: Mercedes-Benz 240D

  1. “Save for a set of H4 headlights?” How could it have been sold in Europe in the ’70s with anything other than H4 headlights?

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