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Reader mail: 1975 Simca 1301 wagon gets a new home

A little over six years ago we spotted a 1975 Simca 1301 station wagon behind a local Fiat, Alfa and Lancia dealership. We vaguely knew the owner of the place so we were able to wander in the back lot and take a closer look. Original down to the 1975-issue license plates, the wagon was a little worn inside and out but it was a savable example of a car that is uncommon at best. We published the pictures we took in March of 2008.

The dealership went belly up two or three years ago and was replaced by a generic used car lot. All of the cars that sat in the back lot disappeared and we figured that the Simca had been sent to the crusher, so we were pleasantly surprised last week when we got an email from a man saying he recognized his car in our photos. He sent us several pictures and sure enough, the license plates were a match.

A lifelong Simca enthusiast, the owner explained that he bought the car in September of 2011 in a town about 25 minutes away from the Fiat dealership where we last saw it at. After towing it home he repaired the rust on the tailgate (a common problem on these cars), changed the grille and swapped out the front bench seat but everything else was left original. The white paint was brought back to its former glory with a buffer and some elbow grease.

“When I was younger my father drove a 1301 just like this one,” wrote the owner. “I’ve been looking to add one of these to my collection for over a decade.”

Since finding a new home, the 1301 has made several trips down to Spain and it has trekked across France to Belgium and Germany to attend Simca meets.

All photos were kindly sent in by the owner.

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