1960s / Driven daily / Fiat / Italian

Driven daily: Fiat 1100 D

The small Mediterranean island of Sicily is like a life-sized automotive museum where cars that are typically only found at shows or pictured in magazines from several decades ago are used every day and present only minor signs of wear.

A perfect example is this Fiat 1100 D, photographed in 2008 in a small town on the north side of the island. We were fortunate enough to find the owner at a nearby cafe and asked him a couple of questions about his car. He explained that he bought used it from a neighbor in the early 1970s and that he has used it sparingly but regularly all of its life. Now retired, he drives it several kilometers a day to take his grandson to school and to run short errands around the countryside.

When asked how he has managed to keep his Fiat looking better than most late-model used cars, the owner replied that it has never spent a single night outside of a garage and that it has always been religiously maintained by him. It has never been restored, all of its sheet metal is original and it has never had a major mechanical overhaul.

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