Test your emblem IQ

A passion for vintage cars often has odd side effects.  In our case one of them is a fascination with car emblems. For close to twenty years we have studied them, photographed them and collected them, resulting in a collection of over 600 different ones from all eras and all makes.

To share our passion for emblems we drafted up a little quiz that is similar to our test your steel wheel IQ series. Can you identify what make and model the following emblems come from?

There is more than one right answer for some of them. Have fun and thanks for playing along.






12 thoughts on “Test your emblem IQ

  1. 3. Is found on various Citroens including the BX. I can’t work out which particular Citroen model this one is on.
    Your quizzes are too hard for me!

  2. #4 looks like a first generation (76-81) Honda Accord, at least the “5Speed” part and the color of the car. The “air conditioned” bit is probably a dealer installed badge.
    #2 is a puzzler since the only model name that fits is the Austin America but the badge is all wrong for that, so based on the typography I’m guessing it was a French special edition of some sort.

    • 4. is not an Accord but a Civic; still, good eye! I think the “Air Conditioned” is original, bytheway, I’ve seen it quite a few times on these cars.

      2. is indeed a special edition but not French.

  3. No 1 : peugeot 505
    No 2: Renault Alliance? Not sure about that one.
    No 3: citroen BX, as said before
    No 4: not a clue! About al 5-speed emblems looked a bit like that.
    No 5: found on just about any Opel during early 70’s with the 1900 engine: Ascona, Manta and probably GT.

  4. Where on the car is #2 affixed? It certainly looks like a mid ’80s Alfa badge, but I can’t envision any bit of sheetmetal on a 75 that would have that shape.

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