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Driven daily: Volkswagen Beetle

If we were to write a tourist guide aimed at vintage car enthusiasts, this pre-1967 Volkswagen Beetle would be one of the must-see attractions.  It can regularly be found in the parking lot of a small village hiding among oversized SUVs and late-model hatchbacks.

The sticker on the Beetle’s rear window indicates that it was sold new at Sodra Volkswagen-Audi in downtown Marseille, a dealership that still stands today.  It likely did a bit of traveling in its youth and it still wears the oval “F” on its decklid, a sticker that was mandatory on all cars leaving France up until 1992.

The Beetle retired to a much slower-paced life in the countryside about seven years ago but it still wears numerous scratches and dents from battles lost and won in Marseille’s chaotic streets.  Every time we see it the paint is a little more faded and the window seals are a little more dry but it is always driven regularly and lovingly maintained, making it one of the best examples of automotive patina in the area.

7 thoughts on “Driven daily: Volkswagen Beetle

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  2. It’s my car. I’m the second owner of this beetle, it’s my daily driver since 8 years now. Every morning it’s such a gret pleasure to drive it! It’s my third beetle after a 1303 and a 1302 models.Except my former Karmann ghia,it’s the most effective and strong.The 1200cm3 engine was changed in 1970 since this year it turns perfectly.
    A dream car with a fantastic patina look.

    • JP, je peux repondre en francais si c’est plus simple.

      Le monde est petit, comment avez-vous trouve l’article? En tout cas, je suis content que vous la gardez d’origine, elle est excellente comme ca. J’ai un cousin qui habite dans la ville pas loin de votre village (que je ne citerai pas de nom ici..) et environ une fois par ans je vais le voir et on monte au lac, je suis toujours content de voir votre Coccinelle dans le parking. J’en avait une de 1962 en 2007, comme la votre entierement d’origine avec une belle patine. Je vous enverrai une photo a l’occasion, j’ai du la vendre malheureusement mais j’ai une armada de vieille francaises pour me consoler..!

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