1950s / 1960s / 1970s / 1980s / BMW / German / Motobécane / Peugeot / Piaggio / Solex

A collection of vintage two-wheelers

If you’re looking for a lengthy historical account full of intriguing facts about motorbikes, this article will very likely disappoint you.  There are no dates and no anecdotes to speak of, it is merely a gallery of miscellaneous two-wheelers that we have photographed over the last five or six years in about as many countries all around the globe.

The shots were taken at car shows, on the street or in abandoned garages.  Most of the two-wheelers pictured here are variants of the popular Piaggio Vespa but there are also two French-built Mobylettes, a Russian Ural and a couple of funky front-wheel drive Solex bikes, among others.

We hope you enjoy it, this is a collection of photos that we have been meaning to publish for quite a while now.

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