1960s / Driven daily / English / MG

Driven daily: MG B

We used to come across this well-worn and patriotic MG B on a regular basis in Salt Lake City, Utah. The car was registered in neighboring Idaho and it wore a single example of the state’s “Famous potatoes” license plate.

We spent a sizable amount of time studying the car’s numerous paint chips and we concluded that the red that is seen on the hood, on the doors and on the trunk lid is the car’s original color.  Judging by the dents that are present on all sides of the car, the Union Jack paint job was spray-painted early in the car’s life.

The pictures below and above are at least seven years old. We never managed to chat with the car’s owner and what happened to it is a mystery; we haven’t seen it on our last few trips to Salt Lake.

The patriotic B wasn’t the only rough vintage convertible that was being driven daily in Salt Lake City at the time.  We often crossed paths with a similarly-beat Alfa Romeo Spider from the early 1970s while putting around in our 1988 Alfa Milano Verde.

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