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Is the Alfa Romeo 33 a future classic?

The life cycle of a typical Alfa Romeo sedan in Europe can be compared to a roller coaster ride with extreme highs and lows.  After it leaves the dealership lot for the first time it gradually loses value until it reaches a low point where not only is it worth almost nothing, it is virtually impossible to sell on the used car market.

This trend is common to just about every type of car out there. Where the life of an Alfa sedan differs from the rest is that while it lingers at rock bottom its coupe counterpart starts going up in value. As that happens collectors who want the brio of an Alfa in an affordable package turn to sedans; suddenly demand skyrockets and there are not enough of them left to go around, pushing prices up to coupe levels.

The smaller boxer-engined models are the exception to that rule.  Nice Alfasuds are relatively affordable and 33s can sometimes be picked up for the cost of their weight in scrap metal. In all fairness it should be noted that the 33 was only sold as a sedan and a station wagon.

What do you think, will the first-generation Alfa 33 ever reach Giulia-like values?

5 thoughts on “Is the Alfa Romeo 33 a future classic?

  1. I had a series two QV 16V seven years ago. Went like nothing else, practically begged you to spank it and sounded glorious. I still voted for “no”.

  2. I loved the 33s, despite their many, many flaws. I had an early 1.3, a 4×4 wagon and a later 1.7 16 valve. My friends raced Suds. I loved the engines, and the attitude while blasting round corners. And it all happened at safe speeds because their suspension was laughable and the engines never made any meaningful power (although the 16 valve was quite zippy). Oh and let’s not forget the awe-inspiring levels of torque steer (designed in, I believe, to make the engine seem more powerful than it really is), and a gear lever that feels like a golf club in a half-set pot of glue.

    I loved them all, but am under no illusions about how good they were. Like that hot ex-girlfriend with nice boobs who was good in the sack, but who was also mad as a snake – mature reflection suggests you are much better off now, but damn you’d have another go for a night or two if she’d let you…

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