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Sunday classic: Austin Mini 25

Much like the current BMW-designed MINI, the original model was available in many special editions throughout its long production run. One of them was the Austin Mini 25, launched in July of 1984 as a way to celebrate the car’s 25th anniversary.

Since a 25th anniversary is sometimes referred to as a silver anniversary, every example of the Mini 25 was finished in a metallic shade of silver.  Red “Mini 25” decals were affixed to both quarter panels and on the trunk lid, while a red and gray adhesive band ran down the car’s side to contrast with the silver paint.

The Mini 25 sat on 12-inch steel wheels that featured the number 25 on the center caps. The windows were tinted, and the mirrors, door handles and the bumpers were painted in flat black.

The red, silver and gray treatment continued on the inside. The seats were upholstered in gray velour with red accents, and a similar motif was found on the door panels. The three-spoke sport-style steering wheel was adorned by the same 25 logo that was found on the wheel’s center caps, and in case passengers forgot how old the Mini was, the logo was also stitched into the front seatbacks.

All 25s came standard with a cassette player, a tachometer and front disc brakes.

No changes were made under the hood. The Mini 25 was powered by the same 42 horsepower 998cc four-cylinder that was found in many other members of the Mini lineup at the time. It was bolted to a four-speed manual transmission that, of course, spun the front wheels.

Only 5,000 examples of the Mini 25 were built. 3,500 of them were sold in England and the rest were exported throughout Europe. The model’s specification sometimes varied from country to country; for example, the 25s sold in France did not have tinted windows.  The Mini 25 retailed for £3,865 in its home country.

Despite the special place that the 25 occupies in the Mini’s history, many models were driven into the ground and consequently scrapped. Others underwent a host of mechanical and interior modifications, making unmolested examples quite rare, and model-specific spare parts even rarer.

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