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Avignon Motor Festival 2012

The 10th annual Avignon Motor Festival took place last weekend in the beautiful Vaucluse department of France. There are many other vintage car events in the region, but the Motor Festival is by far the biggest one.

The Avignon show is split up into two parts. The first is a large swap meet where you can find parts, literature, model cars, and sometimes actual cars. The second part is an expo made up of cars displayed by clubs from all around France, and cars displayed by showgoers. We took our red 1983 Citroën GSA, which is visible in one of the photos below.

In all honesty, the swap meet is a little disappointing.  Year after year it’s the same vendors in the same spot who are selling the same stuff at the same price. If it’s your first time going, you’ll very likely find something interesting to take home with you. If, like us, the Avignon show is an annual pilgrimage, you’re more likely to spend the bulk of your time wandering around the car show.

Speaking of the show, it changes every year and it is impressive to see the kinds of cars that are starting to show up. You’ve got, of course, your usual assortment of Renault 4CVs, air-cooled Volkswagens, and more Citroën 2CVs than you cant count on two hands, but you’re starting starting to see Citroën BXs, BMW E30s, Renault 11s and 9s, Peugeot 505s and 205s, mk2 Volkswagen Golfs, and even a w201 Mercedes-Benz 190! It’s good to see vintage car events gradually open up to classics from the 1980s, and its even better to see them being carefully restored.

In spite of that, we were disappointed to not see some of the less-appreciated and more obscure cars from the late 1970s and early 1980s, including the Renault 14, the Citroën Visa, the Renault 20/30 and Fuego, the Chrysler-Simca 1307/1308/1309, and so on.

You can find a set of pictures we took at the show below. If you would like more pictures of a specific car or other pictures from the show in general, let us know via email and we’ll send you what we’ve got.

9 thoughts on “Avignon Motor Festival 2012

    • I’m not 100% sure whether or not it’s U.S. spec. It has the side reflectors, but it’s an export model, so it could have been built for any number of markets outside of France.

      Citroen never officially sold the CX in the U.S., but a number of third-party gray-market importers sold them.

      • I thik it’s a accessory freak that has gone wild.
        Right obout the factory never marketed the CX in the States. The ” gray importers” had a disclaimer plaquette in the engine compartment saying that Citroen had no legal responsabilityes whatever.

  1. The picture “Avignon 88” Has a Citroën DS lookalike but it’s clearly not a Cit. What’s that? There’s also a pale green Renault similar to a Fuego but I haven’t seen it before! Awful front, but I’d like to know the story behind it. Thanks!

    • The DS-like car is a Panhard 24 BT.

      The pale green Renault is a 15. There was also a sister model called the 17 (which was briefly sold in the U.S.). The Fuego was tasked with replacing both of them.

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