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2012 BMW F12/F13 6-series

Providing information about upcoming cars is not what we focus on at Ran When Parked, but we couldn’t resist the urge to share with you these photos we snapped a couple of days ago.

Under the camouflage hides what U.S. BMW CEO Jim O’Donnell calls the “best-looking BMW in years”: the 2012 BMW 6-series, code-named the F12 for the coupe (above) and the F13 for the convertible (below).

As has always been the case with the 6-series, the new model will be based on the 5-series sedan (this time the new F10 model) and the two models will share the same gas and diesel engines. BMW has hinted that the new 6’s interior will be roomier than the current car and a less controversial exterior design is expected.

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