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Avignon Motor Festival 2010.

In no particuliar order here are some shots from the Motor Festival that took place last week in Avignon:

Trio of Fiat 500s:

CG 1200S:

Matra 530:

Fiat 128:

Citroen DS and Volkswagen Type 2:

Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sports Sedan:
Mercedes-Benz 280CE:

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider:

Panhard Dyna Z:

Marcos GT3:

Fiat Dino:

Early Citroen 2CV:

Renault 5 Turbo:

Simca 1200S:

What in my opinion was the most interesting car of the show, an Autobianchi Primula Coupe S:


Morgan Aero 8:

Fiat 850:

Citroen GS and Citroen GSA:

Citroen SM:

Renault-Alpine A310:

Peugeot Dangel 504 4×4:

BMW 700:

Air-cooled Citroens from left to right: Ami 6, GS, Ami Super. The Ami Super was an interesting car: the body of an Ami 8 with a 1015cc flat-four borrowed from the GS’s parts bin instead of the standard 602cc flat-two.

Renault 17 Gordini:

Citroen GS break in the foreground and GS Birotor (with a Wankel engine) in the background:

Specially-bodied Peugeot 404 with a 1948cc four cylinder diesel that drove for 72 straight hours on the Montlhery Autodrome at an average speed of 161km/h (100mph), covering a grand total of 11,627 kilometers (7,224 miles). It broke 19 world records and set 3 new records:

Lancia Delta Integrale:

If you want the high resolution version of a photo above or more photos from the show please email us at ranwhenparked -at- hotmail -dot- com.

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