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Ran When Parked visits Porto, Portugal

A trip to Porto, Portugal, in 2010 left us amazed with how many well-preserved vintage cars are still running around in relatively good shape. More surprisingly, cars from the late 1980s and early 1990s that you typically find in terrible shape elsewhere in Europe still wear shiny paint and untorn interiors.

Below is a sample of some of the vintage or otherwise interesting cars we came across on our week-long trip.

Mercedes sedans are by far the most common cars from the 1980s. A fair amount of w201 190s (both E and D models) still roam the streets as taxis but many drivers are starting to adopt more modern w210 E-Classes. w124s are plentiful as well and plenty of folks still use a w123 as a daily driver.

w201 190E taxi followed by a w204 C220 CDI taxi:

w201 190D:
w124 200D:

w126 280SE:



Although neighboring Spain has been building SEATs for decades, many Portuguese drivers seem to head straight for the Fiat dealership. We spotted this well-preserved 600 not far from downtown one night:

A second-generation 850 Coupe at a small car show that we stumbled upon:

A carbureted BMW 316 and an early 1960s Beetle spotted while wandering around the city:

A pair of air-cooled Citroens: a Mehari and a 2CV6:

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