1960s / British / English / MG

MG 1100/1300


This sad old MG 1100/1300 was spotted in the brush near a set of railroad tracks outside of Erie, PA. The interior has some boxes of parts and pieces inside and it appears as if at one point or another, somebody had some thoughts of restoring the car or at least making it road worthy. Unfortunately, it’s probably too far gone to be worth the effort unless of course somebody out there really has a thing for BMC AD016 bodied cars.

The AD016s were produced from 1962 though 1974 under a variety of names including Austin, Innocenti, MG, Morris, Riley, Wolsely and Vandan Plas all in either 1.1 or 1.3 litre form. The designer was none other than Sir Alec Issigonis who was responsible for the original Mini. They were constructed for the most apart within the UK though some were manufactured in Spain by Authi or Italy by Innocenti. While quite popular in the home UK market, the AD016s were not quite as sought after in the States. Most of the few examples you’re likely to see today are either like this poor specimen here, or perhaps lovingly cared for or resorted by a devoted British motor enthusiast.

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