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I spotted this late 1950s Citroën 2CV in Lourmarin, a small village north of here. I wasn’t able to talk to the owner but I did speak with a villager who confirmed what the numerous bumps and dings on the body say: the owner drives it every day and has done so for quite a while. Finding an early 2CV that hasn’t been restored and is still driven daily is exceptional since early models are climbing on the value scale and often get treated to a full restoration.

8 thoughts on “2CV

  1. In it’s juice!!… there is a similar early ’60s non-ripple 2CV4 here in Le Grand Pressigny [37]… a farmer’s car… got a photo just before Christmas of it in a field by the road… boot open and the chainsaw sticking out. His wife’s car is an air-cooled Visa… both are in their juice!!

    • “Dans son jus”, comme on dit en France.

      Feel free to share your photo of the 2CV with us, we’d love to see it.

      Air-cooled Visa is one of the most underrated Citroens out there, it’s reliable, it’s freeway worthy, it gets spectacular gas mileage, and it’s quite comfortable. A true modern reincarnation of the 2CV, despite its Peugeot platform.

      • I will let you know when it is up on flickr… I’ll mark the email that let me know that you had replied so that I will remember. I’ve taken a look at the pictures today… I think it is one of the first 2CV Clubs on the road… or else someone took a shine to the rectangular headlights. La Chasse met up yesterday whilst I was working outside… and the little green machine purred past. It has got to be a 435cc as the engine note is very close to our 425 Ripple [in grey! What else?] and nowhere near the more frantic note of our red 602! [One ’56 and one ’89… ] rooroom in the hangar for

      • What I didn’t say about the ’56 was, she’s still got her original 425 engine, on her original chassis.
        The malle bombé is period too… and was in place when we bought her,,,
        the ’89 is a 602cc and on a galvanised chassis and on her THIRD engine… the latest being fitted over here by our village garagiste… who is a 2CV fan and a member of Retromecanique [our local old vehicles club… with a special outing each year for the Solex owners!!]

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