Austin / BMW / English / German / Hillman / Reliant / Triumph

British cars.

For those of you who think we don’t feature enough British cars, here are a bunch from a recent trip to the UK:

Triumph 2000 in Manchester:

Hillman Imp in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh:

Reliant Robin (and a friend’s TDI-equipped Defender 110 in the background)

Very popular cars since according to British law, a vehicle with three wheels is classified a motorcycle provided its engine doesn’t exceed a certain size (determined by cubic centimeters). That meant these three wheeled Reliants were cheap to register. Safety concerns killed them.

Metrocab, an interesting if unsuccessful attempt to replace the traditional English taxi:

E36 wagon:

Obviously not British but interesting nonetheless. Rarely seen here in France, they’re around in the UK because Brits share a certain affinity for station wagons.

6 thoughts on “British cars.

  1. >Hey finally 🙂 I must say, this captures the less attractive side of classic British cars. The Reliant is cool in that it reminds me of the blue one that always got shoved around in Mr Bean episodes.

  2. >Ha, yeah, the Triumph 2000 is neat though, don't see those too often. Truth be told there weren't many classics around – Morris Minors were the most common ones. Except for Minis, but those aren't exactly classics since most of them were from 1990 and up. Plus it was a pain to photograph anything because it rained so damn much, hence most of them were taken with my low-quality phone camera.

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