1970s / Fiat / Italian

Fiat 124 Spider

>Spotted here in State College today was this circa 1972 Fiat 124 Spider. As would be expected of a Fiat, particularly in this part of the country, it has some rot in the body. The bottom of the rear fenders are looking a little lumpy, but all it all, a fairly presentable driver. Good to see the old chrome bumper Spiders still out there. 

The original style bumpers and door handles really help show off the classic Pininfarina lines. It even looks good with the top up. Compare that to an MGB.

Arched rear fender lines are trademark of designer Tom Tjaarda who also penned the DeTomasso Pantera.

4 thoughts on “Fiat 124 Spider

  1. >Compare that to an MGB? I may or may not be brand bias here, but but an MGB of the same year is better looking. …and would rather push an MG than to drive a FIAT 😉

  2. I have always had spiders. My brother had a relatively new MG. My spider always came home under its own power. The mg came home alot on the end of a rope. The spider can out run, out handle and out brake an mg. It also looks better. The MG is dated when compared to a spider of any year. The spider has 4 wheel disc brakes, the mg dosent.

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