Alfa Romeo

What is this?


A bunch of rusty American cars riddled with bullet holes are sitting in the hills behind Salt Lake City. Most of them are from the 50s and others are from the 60s. They were likely stolen and pushed down to where they are but I have no idea how they would have gotten them up there.

Nevertheless, as you go further down the trail, you’ll see this:

It’s different from the others in at least one way: I don’t think this one is American, it’s much too small. I’m leaning towards British. I don’t think it’s Italian. I thought it might be a Datsun but it’s not that either. Whatever it is, it’s not an MG. It has front drum brakes, presumably rear ones as well but the entire axle is gone. It’s rear wheel drive but that doesn’t narrow it down much. Since the other cars are from the 50s and 60s I have reason to believe that his one is too.

The only hint is the sheetmetal surrounding the headlight and turn signal: it’s flat so that rules out a lot of curved front cars.

Anybody have an idea?


6 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. >Holy damn, you could actually be right. I went back yesterday, the only part number I could find was on the front wheel cylinders, they’re stamped “3/4 GIRLING H.O. 5349”. Also, the car only has one jackpoint on either side, in the middle of the rockers.

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