1980s / Alfa Romeo / Italian


During the four years I lived in Bloomington, Indiana, I can only recall seeing six Alfa Romeos that I didn’t own:
– An overpriced pearl-white Spider Series 3.
– A white Giulia Spider rusting away in a field (I’ll have to dig up the pictures)
– A red ’50s 2000 Spider.
– Two Spider Series 3s that I chased down but never caught up to.
– A very nice red Giulia Spider.

Suffice to say, not many cars. So it was with great surprise that I discovered a beige 1988 Spider Veloce mere minutes after my most recent visit (and first in two years) to the lovely town of Bloomington.

There’s not much to say about this Spider. I know it’s an ’88 because it has the rare (and less-than-desirable) automatic seatbelts. I don’t know just when they became standard equipment, but I know it was for only part of the 1988 model year. I can’t even guess how Alfa Romeo got around the regulation for 1989! It is a fairly rare beige – whether the color suits your fancy or not is purely subjective. Obviously it’s seen some repaints in its life.

3 thoughts on “>Arachnaphobia.

  1. >I honestly have no idea… they go from the center (between the seats). I’m assuming some sort of contraption slides straight out (parallel to, but about 18″ above, the center console). Just a guess. I’ve only seen them a few times… but they were once a deal-breaker for me when I was looking at an ’88 Spider.

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