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Mein Kampf mit dem Audi


A few years ago a friend of mine aquired a 1991 Audi 100. It was in pretty good condition… until it was side swiped. To save her a few bucks I agreed to do the body work on the car at a discount rate. I should have probably thought a little more about this before doing it. Nevertheless, I did it in a week or so. Here are some photos from along the way.

The before shot. It doesnt look so bad, but the door frame where the hinges attach were bent and the driver’s side door would hardly open. 
Parts coming off: Oh sure, one would think it’s just a simple bolt on and off operation. But this is an Audi. There is NOTHING easy about this car. The challenges at every turn are too much to mention. 

 Finally everything off the car and ready for the new parts (below…)
Picked these up from a donor car at a junkyard just North of Pittsburgh, PA. Really good condition. There was a car there the exact same color, thus eliminating the need for repainting, but the headlights and a few other details were different which prohibited the use of its parts. 
Door pannel back on. This required taking the frame and glass out of the old door (for window tint consistency) and installing it in the white door skin. There are bolts in the corners that can be loosened to adjust the way the door frame meets the body. Since the hinges (which are welded to the chassis) were a bit bent, proper alignment of the pannels involved use of a sledge hammer and a John Deere tractor and some chain. In the end it all came out pretty well. 
The fender wasn’t quite as bad as the door since obviously it doesnt need to move. Needless to say that metal strap with the riviet that did essentially nothing got cut off and never re-attached. 
Finally, the finish product as I left it. What a beauty…

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