2000s / Fendt / German / Tractor

Fendt 920 Vario

>Alright, it’s not a car. But a Fendt 930 Vario was featured on an episode of Top Gear and was called the Mercedes S-Class of tractors. This is only the 920 so lets call it… mm, the E-Class. Anyway, since Penn State is the most expensive state university in the nation, they would be able to buy their Agriculture students superlative machinery to play around in the dirt with. Enter the Fendt 920 Vario that was found in the parking lot outside of my dorm. It was on display one afternoon along with a John Deere and a few people were standing about examining this German schlepper. It really is quite a machine. Complete with Hella lighting and a transmission system that wouldn’t seem out of place in an Audi – though maybe if it were a little higher geared and maybe made of aluminum. But as far as tractors go, this one is quick. It can push 40mph!

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